Episode 8 - Rocking Your Small Corner with Maisie Smith, The Audacious Muse

Maisie Smith, the Audacious Muse shares her story of living as a "renaissance soul," rocking her "small corner" and owning her own weirdness to inspire and help individuals and businesses do the same.

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  • [2:50] Maisies intro and journey
  • [8:55] Origin of Audacious Muse
  • [12:20] Being a Renaissance Soul
  • [21:20] Answering the question what do you do?
  • [25:00] Rocking the small corners
  • [27:20] Maisies Why and closing thoughts
  • [29:30] Connecting with Maisie


  • "What changed things a few years ago was I went to the World Domination Summit and I was sitting in Pam Slim's workshop about creating your body of work. It was about 2 minutes before start time, and I was just sitting against the wall watching everybody chatter, and all the sudden this idea hit me. It was very simple. It just said, 'you are a writer.' I had always thought about a career in writing—it was always something I was good at but it was something I had shelved while I pursued other goals and dreams. But it was such this intense emotion and feeling that I immediately went onto GoDoaddy and reserved my website name, which is amwritingstudio—it stands for Audacious Muse Writing Studio. It put me on the path to becoming a writer, so a year later I launched my business and here I am. Writing really cool stuff for really cool clients." (Maisie Smith)
  • "I kind of kick myself for not knowing this path sooner, but that's part of the journey right—is not really knowing, and then it all unfolding and happening as it should." (Maisie Smith)
  • "I offer my writing services to clients who are looking to share their weird with the world." (Maisie Smith)
  • "[Audacious] is all about authenticity and being the person you really are. Audacious doesn't necessarily mean being crazy or a daredevil—it's just being daring in the way only you can be daring. So, some of us are audacious in the service we offer to others. Some of us are audacious in the things we're about to say. Some of us are audacious in the way that we love. So it's more of just being the best kind of daring that you can be." (Maisie Smith)
  • "I've always considered myself—even when I was a child and didn't know what to call it—a renaissance soul. Meaning I'm a person interested in a lot of things. I like learning and developing new skills. And when I say I like a lot of things, I mean a LOT of things. And creating is part of that—I find a huge satisfaction in creating things. But to me I think a renaissance soul is someone who likes options—they like to merge weird combos into things because they don't want to be tied down to this one thing that defines who they are." (Maisie Smith)
  • "What walks hand-in-hand with being a renaissance soul is the imposter syndrome." (Maisie Smith)
  • "All those things that are part of my past are still part of my present and will probably be part of my future as well." (Maisie Smith)
  • "I don't like having my identity tied to a career. And I get that in society that's the way that we recognize people ... We put labels on people in order to remember them and understand them. But for me, my identity is much more than what I do for a living." (Maisie Smith)
  • "I prefer when I'm meeting people, instead being like, 'so what do you do?'—I usually ask people a different question that throws them off guard. So I might ask them something like, 'what things are making you happy these days?' ... And that opens the door to more stories being told, instead of just facts about, here's what I do for a short period of my day." (Maisie Smith)
  • "A lot of times people will be like, 'so what's your elevator pitch?' and I'll just be like, 'um?' Because I'm not going to have the same canned conversation with every single person I run into—conversations are meant to flow based on the conversation. I don't even have one. I don't even know how to answer that, because everyday I describe myself a little bit differently." (Maisie Smith)
  • "Rocking the small corner is a phrase that I love because I don't believe that we are all meant to serve on a grand stage. I think we can make just as big of a difference flicking a pebble as chucking a boulder." (Maisie Smith)
  • "For me I grew as the weird kid—I was the weirdo, and the kid who could never do things according to how everyone thought things should be done. So for the longest time I viewed that as a liability—something to be ashamed of, or to try and fix in some way. Now that I'm older and realize how the world actually does work, my why is all about embracing the weird and helping others to embrace their weird as well." (Maisie Smith)


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