Episode 73 - Simply Save and Read More Books with Heather Shue

Heather Shue of Simply Save shares her journey and lessons learned along the way from embracing herself, her curiosity, along with both the good and the bad throughout her life. Heather shares how losing a number of people young and her time in the military shaped her perspective and how she prepares for the future while enjoying the present. We also discuss our mutual love for an eclectic mix of books, reading habits and tips, minimalism, saving and simplifying, sustainability, blogging, and more.

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  • [1:55] The Mins Game Takeaways
  • [2:40] Heather’s big dots along her journey
  • [5:00] Lessons learned from time in the military
  • [6:50] Lessons learned from losing people young
  • [10:15] Lessons learned from books and reading
  • [18:40] Saving and sustainability
  • [23:30] Lessons learned from blogging
  • [26:00] Changing and growing over time
  • [28:10] The role of curiosity
  • [33:40] Heather’s Why
  • [34:30] Connecting with Heather and closing announcements


  • “I lost a lot of people really young and got this perspective that life is short. And eventually I figured out it’s short, so you should be yourself and do what you want, not what society thinks that you should do.” (Heather Shue)
  • “What I’ve seen is living a long time and retiring, that’s not a guarantee—we don’t all get that luxury. So I think it’s really important preparing for the future with enjoying the present.” (Heather Shue)
  • “That’s really how I feed my curiosity, with books.” (Heather Shue)
  • “Just read what interests you—there’s no box that you need to fit into of topics you need to read. Any topic—any reading—will expand your mind.” (Heather Shue)
  • “I’m going to have a blog, but I’m not going to be a blogger.” (Heather Shue)
  • “You’re not saving money if you’re spending money. Once I started to realize that I felt better with less in the house, and not stocking up, and just buying something when I needed more, it all started to click.” (Heather Shue)
  • “[Curiosity] is how you continue to evolve and grow. … I go from one topic to another and they all expand my mind, they change my perspective, I learn something new. … It’s changed how I interact with the world … it’s changed how I see people.” (Heather Shue)
  • “It’s practice—the more you indulge your curiosity the more it grows.” (Heather Shue)
  • “For as long as I can remember I’ve lived by the word embrace. … The whole logic behind embrace is even the bad things in life, embrace them, because if you can turn it around and make it a lesson or learn something from it, then it’s not entirely bad—every experience that we have is something that shapes our future.” (Heather Shue)
  • “[My why is] life is short—embrace every moment in my own way.” (Heather Shue)


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