Episode 48 - Considerations with Colin Wright

Colin Wright, prolific author, world traveler, international speaker, and blogger at Exile Lifestyle returns to chat about some considerations for living a life that is uniquely and unabashedly yours. We discuss the importance of considering different approaches to all areas life instead of just taking what we are told to do by others at face value or as the end-all-be-all. Colin provides insights from his personal experience of the challenges and benefits that come with walking your own path and staying the course. We also talk about rituals, routines, and habits for travel, work, writing, and creating that is counter to much of the advice out there.

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  • [2:15] Colin’s journey and intro
  • [5:45] Not putting yourself in a box
  • [9:45] Considerations
  • [13:40] Walking your own path and staying the course
  • [17:55] Assessing success by different metrics
  • [21:20] Travel and work rituals, routines, and habits
  • [25:55] Writing rituals, routines, and habits
  • [32:00] Colin’s Why and closing thoughts
  • [33:25] Connect with Colin
  • [34:20] Closing announcements


  • “I think a lot of us do this—a lot of people say, oh, this is important. This relationship is important or this type of work or this philosophy is important to me. But then if you actually look at the way that you act day-to-day, the way that you act and the things that you’re moving toward and the things that you’re prioritizing don’t necessarily line up with that theory of what you prioritize in your mind. And that’s the way it was for me—where I took a good long look and realized, oh my god, I’m completely uncalibrated towards the things I’m saying or that I thought I prioritized. So getting rid of all that stuff, and changing the way that I worked and that I lived, and pretty much everything else about my life was just a great big pivot towards the direction I should have been heading the entire time, but didn’t take the time to realize.” (Colin Wright)
  • “I wanted to be branded as Colin Wright—everything that goes into me as an individual and all of my interests as opposed to one little thing. Which makes it a lot more difficult to get known, and market yourself, and brand yourself, and get followers and such at first. But to me it’s worth it because I don’t ever want to be stuck just writing about one thing, or doing one thing, or living my life in a way that doesn’t fully realize all the things that I want to learn and do. Just because I’m afraid people will walk away. Just because I’m not sharing the same thing over and over again.” (Colin Wright)
  • “Ideally if you build something that is you—something that is really really, legitimately, honestly you at the core of the brand and the business—then there shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t be able to change. The people who are following you or who buy your products or who trust you in any way or who look to you in any way for what you are doing, should be able to change with you. Or recognize that you’ve changed in a way that it no longer reflects their values and what they want to learn about.” (Colin Wright)
  • “Nothing is set in stone. And that’s part of this whole Intentionally Wandering thing. Take what works for you—leave the rest. Change your mind with new information—go a different direction.” (Jeff Sandquist)
  • “It’s very sexy to say, I have the answers. It’s very very sexy—and it sells diet books and fitness books and philosophy books and business books—to say, this is the one right way to do everything and if you’re not doing it this way then you’re not as enlightened as me. But that just kind of shows ignorance from the beginning—it shows ignorance of anybody else’s needs or perspective other than your own. For me it’s always been more valuable and more productive, I think, to say, here’s what works for me—this is something subjectively for my needs and my background and everything that goes into me as an individual, this is something that I’ve found to be useful. Maybe it will be useful for you, or maybe some aspect of it will be useful for you. And if nothing else it’s something worth considering, in the same way that I try to consider everything, and weigh it and see if it works for me.” (Colin Wright)
  • “It’s very difficult to look at people who are not trying to own any space, but instead are trying to be themselves and succeed in that way. It’s difficult to see them as being successful because they’re working according to very different metrics. And so stepping away from that is the hardest part because you’re kind of just trusting that it will work. … And it is possible and increasingly possible. And not just possible, but likely if you’re willing to be unabashedly yourself.” (Colin Wright)
  • “If I can have a hundred really diehard fans who like the same stuff I like—who care about the same stuff I care about—that’s a lot more valuable than a hundred-thousand people who show up once and never show up again. So for me, having a consistent and loyal following is far more vital than having a massive following.” (Colin Wright)
  • “It helps to know you have 24 hours a day to spend however you like. That to me is the big secret to how I’m able to produce anything at all.” (Colin Wright)
  • “I sit and do nothing for 20 minutes a day and just stare at the wall and literally do nothing. That allows me to un-squirrel my mind and allows me to sleep a lot better.” (Colin Wright)
  • “I don’t allow myself to write something until I’m ready to finish it. That is something I’ve found that works best for me to remain a social person when I’m also writing a book, because once I start writing I can’t stop.” (Colin Wright)
  • “I kind of picture my creative process as hurling myself bodily at something. And once you’ve hurled yourself at something, your entire weight is behind that motion, and if you try to pull yourself back from it, it’s really jarring and disorienting and kind of unfulfilling. So I wait until I know I’ve got the time and I’ve got the wherewithal to really hurl myself at something so that I can complete that wrestler motion. So I can be done with it and finish the thing, and then I can get back to being a complete human again.” (Colin Wright)
  • “You can be a passion-based writer and still control the process more—it’s just you have to take a good long look at yourself and recognize what gets you into that mindspace so you can do it more regularly.” (Colin Wright)
  • “I can’t not do this. The reason that I do what I do, and the reason that I continue to refine it over time—and it will continue to change over time—is that the idea of doing anything else just seems like a waste of life.” (Colin Wright)


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